Pauquette Park

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A 9.2-acre park located at the city's west entrance along W. Highway 33 and Conant Street This park is one of Portage's most beautiful. Pauquette Park is named after Pierre Pauquette, a well-known fur trader/translator for the French and Native Americans who ran a ferry from 1828 to 1857; a memorial honoring him is located beside the Pauquette Park sign on the north side of the bridge. Pauquette Park was was a brickyard before being dredged to create Bridal Pond. The United States granted this land to William Armstron, owner of "Armstron Brick Yard." It was purchased by the government in 1869 and used to make bricks for the construction of dwellings in Portage. The site was presented to the city of Portage by attorney Charles H. Hall.


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