Dr. Usman Bajwa

Muhammad Usman Bajwa currently working as a small animal veterinarian in Orange County, California. Youngest Pakistani to complete ECFVG and become a small animal veterinarian in the USA.


I enjoy and do small tissue procedures daily with a special interest and certification in laparoscopic spays. ( Western University of Health Sciences). Certified Mid Level Ultrasonographer for abdominal diagnostic.


Intern of class 2023-2024 in veterinary mentorship academy. Over 200 hours of continuing education from specialist in 2021-2022 for new advances in small medicine.

Persian vs Ragdoll Cats: Choosing the Ideal Cat Friend

Discover the charming differences between Persian and Ragdoll cats. From the serene elegance of Persians to the affectionate nature of Ragdolls.

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American Bully XXL and Rottweiler are both robust breeds, but differ in size and temperament. XXL Bully is larger with a gentle disposition.

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French Bulldog vs. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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American Shorthair vs Bengal: Choosing the Perfect Cat Friend

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Akita vs Rottweiler: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Are Bengal Cats Immune to Feline Leukemia?

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Maine Coon vs Russian Blue: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Your Feline Friend

Discover captivating traits of Maine Coon & Russian Blue cats. Explore origins, features, personalities, care needs for informed family addition.

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Pug vs Pekingese: A Comprehensive Guide to These Adorable Breeds

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Pug vs Great Dane: A Comprehensive Guide

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Pug vs German Shepherd: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Your Pet

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Pug or Irish Setter: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the unique characteristics of Pugs and Irish Setters in our comprehensive guide. Learn about their temperament, health issues, care needs, and...

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